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Alaskan Horizon
26 August 2008

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The Benevolent Lady Dane
24 August 2008

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Natural Vectors
16 August 2008

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Whale Tail I
15 August 2008

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21 July 2008

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A Pleasant Evening
15 June 2008

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In Those Shoes
12 June 2008

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Blue Squares
17 March 2008

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Bentley I
20 February 2008

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2 February 2008

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1 February 2008

Thumbnail image

The Day After
23 January 2008

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Day 4
4 January 2008

Recent Comments

GJC on Alaskan Sky II
A terrific shot with the colors as the main thing.

sherri on Cling Tight
Ah, I followed your links from your wordpress blog when you commented, went into VFXY, and ended up here:-) You can ...

Jim (365,000 words) on Alaskan Sky I
I like what you're trying to do here... I just wish there was the tiniest bit more of the mountains in the photo. ...

Surili on Celestial Navigator
Nice caption!

Surili on Likely Pair

Surili on Cling Tight
Aaahh! Love this too.

Surili on Reach for the Stars I
Wow I LOVE this. It's so little and delicate and graceful and bendy and it reminds me of dancing.

Surili on Enjoying the Shade
I like how you made it soft around the edges, it makes the sharpness of the spikes stand out

Surili on Triplexity
This reminds me of a picture I once saw that had the caption "turning over a new leaf"

Surili on Glacial Calving II

Surili on Alaskan Landscape I
God this is amazing. I wish I could go there to contemplate life or something.

Surili on The Geometry of Fishing I
Yep. Got the 3 primary colors really vividly. Sweet.

Surili on Alaskan Macro II
Oh! I fall for your flower pictures every time. I know, I know, flowers are always pretty. But whatever. This is nice.

Surili on Petersburg, AK

Surili on Near the Salmon Run
I really like this.

Surili on Petersburg Pidgeon
Totally a picture for the Nature Conservancy magazine. :D

Surili on Horizon Guide
It's so smooth and silver looking. And smooth. Really smooth. This is cool.

Surili on Summer's Glow

Toomaj on Max S.
cooool composition, sharpness is a merit too

Cuentos on Bentley I
I like this one. Saludos, Mariana Thanks.

Igor on Alaskan Sky I
Great tones and a very interesting crop.

m.khani on Max S.
i love it so much

Tony Duque on Alaskan Sky II
Wonderful shot, Jarrard! I've found such delicate pastels are somewhat rare in low-angle lighting situations, so I ...

Ian on Alaskan Sky II
This is beautiful!

Betsy Barron on Alaskan Sky I
oh the heavens!! terrific!

faon on Horizon Guide II
This is a beautiful landscape, I love the snow on the mountains in the background ...

Linerberry on Alaskan Sky I
Stunning sky! Very well captured and beautiful colours:-)

Giovanni on Natural Vectors
wow, beautiful shot! nice processing.

Linerberry on Horizon Guide II
Excellent image and great angle here too. Where is this? What is the mountain range?

Peter on Horizon Guide
Really impressive B&W. The kayaker really makes the scene complete.

Linerberry on Summer's Glow
Wonderful water shot, great capture!

Kylie Greenan on Horizon Guide
A stunning image, very powerful in b&w, the silvery tones are beautiful and you have processed this very well, ...

Linerberry on Horizon Guide
Wow, amazing! really wonderful shot:-) Gives the feeling of space and and being and nature> Brilliant!

Jim on Horizon Guide
Very cool setting and a nice picture over-all. The black and white was a nice choice. (Just one minor question: did you ...

Maxine on Horizon Guide
Isolation plus plus ,but so cool. Neat image of the intrepid kayaker, amazing scenery and scary clouds on the way.

QUIM on Cleaning the Dishes in the Alaskan Dusk
A great photo, perfect inr B&W

Jean-Michel on Cleaning the Dishes in the Alaskan Dusk
Very strange, pleasant and nice image ! Comments will be short because : No description ! ;-) What is it ? CHeers ...

Jean-Michel on Cleaning the Dishes in the Alaskan Dusk
Very strange, pleasant and nice image ! Comments will be short because : No description ! ;-) What is it ? CHeers ...

Toomaj on Cleaning the Dishes in the Alaskan Dusk
a wicket in the sky,,, fabuolous B&W shot

Linerberry on Cleaning the Dishes in the Alaskan Dusk
Great!!!! Its a long way to go to clean the dishes lol. Great image, cool layers and love the rays of sun coming thro ...

bluechameleon on Cleaning the Dishes in the Alaskan Dusk
What an amazing landscape! Your composition is just wonderful!

Veronelle on Leaving Petersburg II
nice sea landscape

Linerberry on Synchronized Swimming
Blimey, thats the kind of shot you see in the wildlife books! Well captured!

jamesy on Synchronized Swimming
Wow how lucky you were to see these are they orca?

Jim on Public Market
I like this and its simplicity. The only thing that slightly bothers me is the darkening (vignette?) in the bottom left ...

Jim on Petersburg Pidgeon
(Pigeon, eh?) Really nicely captured.

Linerberry on Colorful Companions
Wow, thats the 2nd lot of starfish I've seen today! Beautiful image Jarrard, they look like they are holding each ...

Ana Lúcia on Colorful Companions
These creatures are always very photogenic.

blistr on Public Market

Ron on The Blue Lagoon II
Great shot Jarrard ... makes a strong statement about tranquility and solitude ...

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